Vagrant HeART ❤ Taos, NM

Vagrant HeART


 Vagrant HeART Gallery + Street Art Warehouse is an alternative art space breaking the mold of mainstream, traditional business models. Our gallery boasts an enormous amount of creative potential with twelve-thousand square feet of space to utilize. We showcase over 80 local artists who all contribute in their own styles and mixes of mediums to a wide variety of alternative arts such as Street-Art, Graffiti, Murals, Custom Artwork, Lowbrow and Avant-Garde artwork including fine art, prints, cards, candles, jewelry, sculptures, home decor, unique street wear, hats, shoes, accessories + more!

The creators of this amazing space were raised in Taos, NM often getting in trouble for street art and trying to find where their artwork fit in in a community of mostly landscape and scenic art. That being said it was and is important to us we offer a safe, non judgemental space with plenty of supplies and walls to tag on. Providing this special place not only helps creative minds find healthy ways to express themselves, we have potential to help keep our beautiful town and its walls safe & clean of being objects of vandalism.  

Our huge open space rooms and not your typical, stuffy gallery space has given us the opportunity to easily host a wide variety of events, classes, seminars and workshops for adults and children of all ages. Please contact us if you would like to utilize VHG for your own classroom as we are always open to doing more for our community as the opportunities come our way.