Vagrant Heart Gallery

About Vagrant Heart Gallery


      Thank you for your interest in Vagrant Heart Gallery and our artists. As an alternative art gallery we aim to break the mold of the traditional art gallery business model. Our gallery boasts an enormous amount of creative potential with twelve-thousand square feet of space to utilize. We feature over fifty artists local to Taos, NM and the surrounding areas. At our gallery we showcase the alternative arts such as Street-Art, Graffiti, Lowbrow and Avant-Garde artwork of a wide variety of mediums including though not limited to fine art, jewelry, sculpture and unique apparel and accessories. More importantly due to the fact that we have such a large presence we aim to provide a safe and creative space to involve the community in events, workshops, seminars and classes. We provide a location for the youth to engage with the arts and to help create an outlet that contributes to the community.

  Vagrant Heart Gallery strives to provide opportunity for community involvement with the gallery space. Future endeavors include farming, more all ages events and hands on experience in learning methods of producing visual art.