Vagrant Heart Gallery

About Vagrant Heart Gallery


  Thank you for your interest in Vagrant Heart Gallery and our artists. As an alternative art gallery we aim to break the mold of the traditional art gallery business model. Our gallery boasts an enormous amount of creative potential with twelve-thousand square feet of space to utilize. We feature over fifty artists local to Taos, NM and the surrounding areas. At our gallery we showcase the alternative arts such as Street-Art, Graffiti, Lowbrow and Avant-Garde artwork of a wide variety of mediums including though not limited to fine art, jewelry, sculpture and unique apparel and accessories. More importantly due to the fact that we have such a large presence we aim to provide a safe and creative space to involve the community in events, workshops, seminars and classes. We provide a location for the youth to engage with the arts and to help create an outlet that contributes to the community.

   What we have is special in a sense that we are able to encourage creativity and inspire youth to be more inclined to work together as part of the art communities scene in Taos bringing forth new ideas and bringing artistic visions into realities. Several artists from VHG have and continue to create amazing visual artwork and fun activity alongside non-profit organizations with the collaboration of kids and artists. Artists; Jisk, Scripture and Auras all have worked with community creating visual art.

  Jisk recently led a mural camp with 10 kids where they painted a mural at the Meerscheidt Rec Center, sponsored by the City of Las Cruces. Jisk aims to continue giving back to his community by engaging in mural work in New Mexico and help pave the way for future generations and create options for the youth coming up, making a living doing what they love, whatever that may be. His next project will take place at the Taos Youth and Family Center to re interpret the late George Chacon’s underwater mural with a class of  students from Taos.

Scripture continues to raise awareness of the power behind the message of visual arts as he has worked with Taos County Inmates inside the county jail to create a three panel mural which the town of Taos ultimately bought and is now on display in the county clerk's office. Notably Scripture is known for his non commissioned works with the Promo-Hobo project of his invention which brought attention to homelessness and derelict buildings in the town as well as other social and environmental issues. Scripture is also known for some pseudo-religious installations behind the Taos plaza. He mentors local youth and encourages them to practice art as a means of therapy and as a means of discipline in effort to focus on a road of recovery and create a future on a bright path.

  Auras actively seeks to engage with youth of various non-profit groups in effort to create murals in and around Taos, NM. Auras interest is to encourage youth and adults alike to beautify their surroundings and do so with a positive visual message. Auras worked alongside Dream-Tree Project in Taos to create a peace mural on the side of a forty foot long refrigerated freight container that houses an indoor hydroponic produce and vegetable farm. He works with youth by hosting all ages workshops that involve media production and customization of apparel. Auras would like to inspire youth to embrace their creative potential and follow through with their visions for the future in the now and here on.

  Vagrant Heart Gallery strives to provide opportunity for community involvement with the gallery space. Future endeavors include farming, more all ages events and hands on experience in learning methods of producing visual art.